PC Engineers Toolkit

The eMonster PC Engineers Toolkit is an easy to use Utility Disc that contains loads of tools to help you maximise performance and repair your Windows PC or Laptop.


Windows Tools


The Windows Disc Browser option of the eMonster PC Engineers Toolkit allows you to access a suite of tools help improve Windows performance, repair issues, back up data and generally help keep Windows healthy and running well.

Start your PC/Laptop normally and when Windows has started insert the Disc in your CD/DVD Drive.

You will be presented with a Disc Browser where you can choose a section and subsequently the tools themselves.

Clicking on the info[1] icon will give you more information.

If the Disc Browser does not start automatically navigate to the folder representing your CD/DVD Drive and double click on the autorun.exe file.

If your Security Software asks permission for “autorun.exe” to access the Internet it is safe to allow it.


Boot Disc


The Boot option of the eMonster PC Engineers Toolkit allows you to sort out those problems when Windows refuses to load, it also contains some useful tools that will help improve your PC/Laptops operation, speed and stability.

Insert the Disc in your CD/DVD Drive and start your PC/Laptop.

If the Disc does not Boot you may need to change your BIOS settings

All the Tools on the Boot Disc including Links to give full instructions on Tools use can be viewed here









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